Baaghi 3 Full Movie Download – Free, Watch Now

baaghi 3 full movie download

Baaghi 3 Full Movie Download : Are you interested to watch the latest Hindi Action movie of Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor? Then this is the website where you can get your favorite movie Baaghi 3.

Baaghi 3 Full Movie Download

baaghi 3 full movie download
baaghi 3 full movie download

Big brother cuts a boy’s kite in the sky while flying a kite, this is the rule, those who fly kites know. But the elder brother who had cut the kite of the boy started beating the elder brother. It’s a game and there’s nothing wrong with that but the older brother calls the younger brother for help when the boy starts beating him unjustly.

The boy who was beating the older brother and his team laughed when they saw the younger brother and said that this little boy will fight us! At that time the younger brother said that if he hit me I would not say anything but if he put his hand on my elder brother I would kill him. Then the younger brother started fighting to get rid of those bad boys. At one point during the fight, their father comes and it is seen that their father is a police officer.

Then their father punishes the younger brother at home and for that, the elder brother keeps asking the father not to punish the younger brother. Then when the father stops punishing and leaves the room, the elder brother cries and asks the younger brother if he is in pain. The younger brother reassured the older brother that he was not in pain. Seeing the situation, it seemed as if the father had punished the elder brother, not the younger brother because the elder brother was crying and the younger brother was sitting quietly.

When their father came out of the room, one of his colleagues told him that your little boy had done nothing wrong, so why did you punish him? The fault your eldest son did, could have punished him. Then their father said that I know my son, what you think is punishment is nothing to him. And if I punish my eldest son, my youngest son will shoot me with my gun. Then the colleague agreed with him and said that he was right. This meant that the younger brother loved his older brother very much.

The same thing happened at school. The elder brother is not eating tiffin because of the trouble his father punished his younger brother, and the younger brother who was punished by his father is begging his older brother to eat tiffin with peace. Just then a colleague of their father came in front of them and said that their father had been shot in the body, then took them to the hospital to their father. At the hospital, the sick father called his youngest son and told him to take care of his older brother. And at the same time, it says that this is probably the first time that a father is telling his younger son to take care of the older son.

In front of the eyes of the two sons, their father leaves the world. He was an honest police officer and gave his life for the people of the country. From then on, the younger brother always took care of his older brother. It is also seen that the elder is afraid of many things but the younger brother has more courage. But they miss their father a lot. It is also imagined that their father loved his eldest son very much, but in his mind, he thought that his youngest son was very brave and could do his own thing.

Many years pass like this. The two brothers grew up. Then it was seen that a girl finding the mobile network and went inside the boys’ toilet and a funny incident took place there. Anyway, then that big brother is seen, still crying like that little because he’s thinking about a troubled film. However, the older brother accidentally bumps into a man, and the man and his team push the older brother for no apparent reason. At that time the elder brother called the younger brother like in the younger days and the younger brother came and started fighting again and saved his elder brother.

Then they came home. Their uncle asks them to work for the police but the younger brother does not want to do this job and the older brother is afraid of everything. Still, thinking of their ancestors, the older brother agreed to the job, and the younger brother encouraged his older brother. As a result of wearing a police uniform, everyone started fearing and respecting the elder brother. And the younger brother takes care of his older brother as he did before, just as their father took care of him.

Then the funny thing happened when the older brother went inside the police station. Repeatedly the stick goes from his hand and he gets a little embarrassed for this. Then the terrible thing started. The elder brother sees that a man is being burnt in front of his eyes by some bad people and that too in front of the police but no one is saying anything. Instead, the police are afraid of those bad people. When the older brother asked one of his colleagues about it, he showed it to another police officer and told him that he once wanted to protest and so they killed his young daughter by pushing her in the car. Such a scene is seen. Back home, all these incidents are being explained by the elder brother and the younger brother is exercising. At the same time, some interesting moments can be given between the two brothers.

The younger brother began to feel attracted to the girl looking for that mobile network. And on this side, an interesting incident took place when another girl who was with the girl collided with her bike. The network girl then went to the police station and forced the police to file a complaint against the bad guys. And all the police are scared of the bad guys so they don’t want to go there. But they want to send that big brother there like a fool and his older brother assures the older brother that he will be by his side so the older brother wants to go and deal with those bad guys alone. Although he is not so brave, but he is able to do it for his younger brother.

When the elder brother goes to the dormitory of the bad people to save the common people from the hands of the bad people, he gets scared but the younger brother tells his elder brother to turn off the lights. Everyone will think that the police officer is fighting there but in fact, his younger brother is fighting for the police officer. Eventually, the older brother rescued all the common people but the younger brother did the real work. Everyone thinks of the elder brother as a hero. Although he did nothing but everyone thinks the big brother is the real hero.

The end of heroism is now the turn of marriage. Everyone at home insisted on marrying the older brother, but he refused. But when the younger brother talks about marriage, he agrees and both of them start thinking about their father. Now it’s time to find a bride. But by looking at the girl for the older brother, the younger brother sees that there is the girl to whom he feels the pull. On the other hand, the girl looks at the boy and thinks that maybe this is the boy who will get married. But in fact, the girl is his sister, with whom the elder brother will marry. Anyway, a great moment. Eventually, everything is clear and everyone understands who is actually getting married. However, the younger brother had a problem with the girl who was supposed to be with the elder brother. Forgot? Hit the bike on the road. In any case, the elder brother does not agree, neither does the daughter, but the younger brother agrees, and the younger sister of the daughter agrees. Because they like each other, they want to marry their older brother or sister.

Married. Now the new story begins. The bad people thought that the elder brother was the hero, so they took the younger brother to punish the elder brother. But they do not even know that they have invited danger for themselves. What happened next was that the older brother went to deal with the bad guys to save his younger brother, but in fact, the younger brother beat them and the older brother’s name was changed. He became a hero again. But in the meantime, there has been an explosion. After the leader of the bad people left, the younger brother beat everyone.

Remember that incident? A police officer lost his daughter while protesting against bad people. Today is his turn. He will punish his daughter’s killer today. And that’s what it’s all about. One father’s mind found peace. From then on the game started. The elder brother is in front and the younger brother is working from behind. So the big brother is being named but the real hero is the younger brother who is always working against injustice from his big brother’s side.

The older brother is in danger after going abroad, and the younger brother in the country can do nothing for him. But the younger brother went abroad with his girlfriend and rescued his elder brother and brought him back to the country.

baaghi 3 full movie download

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